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Disk Recoup 2.2

Disk Recoup lets you copy the data from a damaged hard drive to a new location
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Bad or unstable sectors on hard drives are mostly caused by physical damage to the disk surface, improper shutdowns and many other reasons. One way to save the remaining files from the damaged hard disk is to clone the hard drive. Usually, to clone a hard drive is a difficult task which Disk Recoup is trying to achieve in order to solve the main problem: data loss.

Before offering you my personal view on this application, I must mention that the program can't perform the hard drive cloning if the device is mechanically damaged or comes with lost/deleted partitions. Disk Recoup can work properly only for those cases where there are bad sectors within the selected hard drive. As I mentioned previously, the program makes the entire cloning process easy for you; as your only task will be to select the damaged hard drive and select the destination for the copied files. Afterwards, you can let the application get its job done while you're completing other chores.

An aspect I don't like about Disk Recoup is that it might take a while to copy the data within a flash drive to a location from your PC. Another flaw, but not as relevant as the one above, is that you can save the logs/reports only to CSV files.

If I have to summarize, this application could prove to be of good use whenever you're having a hard drive with bad sectors and you wish to save the remaining files from the device. But if you're experiencing corrupted partitions or inaccessible documents issues, I recommend you to try more advanced tools.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Supports a wide range of drive types
  • Helps you recover data from damaged hard drives
  • You can copy the data to a new blank disk or create a disk image file


  • Not recommended to inexperienced users
  • The reports can be saved only as CSV files
  • Flash drives might take longer to clone
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